Top Pre-Owned Luxury Car Brands

Some of the most common questions people ask us are ‘which are the best luxury cars to buy used?’ and ‘which luxury car can I afford?’ We generally recommend the brands below because they offer a great mix of affordable luxury, performance and reliability. Moreover, luxury brands are often those that are the best taken care of, so we keep our inventory full of affordable cars that are in top condition.

Used BMW

Used BMWsNow more than ever, quality used BMWs can be found in the $20-$40k range, making them a very affordable high-line option. We put the BMW 5 Series on our list of top luxury cars under $40k, specifically models from the last few years, due to their high NHTSA & IIHS safety ratings. BMWs are some of the best cars available when it comes to blending performance with practicality and durability. They are an enthusiast car brand perfect for every day driving.


Used Lexus

Used LexusLexus has become synonymous with reliability. If you’re looking for an affordable luxury car that won’t leave you stranded in the repair shop, we like the Lexus GS. There are many fourth generation Lexus GS cars in the $30k range and Lexus has done an excellent job of making the GS a top choice for dependability. This reduces total cost of ownership, something everyone looking for an affordable luxury car is probably thinking about.


Used Acura

Acura achieves a practical mix of every day drivability, modern design and detail, along with impressive performance. The Acura TL is a top pick when it comes to reliability with 2009-2014 models scoring near perfect marks in dependability, according to JD Powers’ Vehicle Dependability Studies.


Used Mercedes Benz

Used Mercedes BenzIf you’re looking to really stand out from the crowd, a used Mercedes Benz may be just what you’re looking for. For those wanting an affordable luxury car with a seriously smooth ride and ample amenities, a used Mercedes is hard to beat. We specifically like the Mercedes Benz C Class from 2008 based on its outstanding dependability. 2008 used Mercedes Benz C Class models scored nearly perfect marks in reliability tests performed by JD Power.


Used Cadillac

Finally, Cadillac rounds out our list of top choices for affordable luxury car brands. In particular, we like the CTS as an all-around top luxury car. You can find models as recent as 2013 in the $30k range, but also consider going a year or two back and looking for a used Cadillac CTS with the V8 and upgraded suspension package.

There are a lot of great options for affordable luxury cars and some of the top luxury cars out there can be found, pre-owned, at reasonable prices. Whichever car you choose, Weston Auto Gallery can help you find it. We specialize in affordable luxury and performance vehicles. Our pre-owned vehicles go through a rigorous inspection from mechanical to cosmetic; every detail of the car is inspected, repaired or replaced. When you buy a Weston Auto certified pre-owned car, you can rest assured that you have just received the best pre-owned car on the market. Visit our online showroom or call us today at (970) 377-3333 for the most up-to-date inventory.

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