Top Five Cars for Fort Collins Drivers

Fort Collins cars can face unique challenges given our snowy winters and warm, dry summers. Fort Collins car owners want something that can handle the ever changing weather while getting them up the mountain, or to the office. Here are our picks for the top cars Fort Collins drivers love.

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTSThe Cadillac CTS sport sedan is currently ranked #1 in the large luxury cars category by US News rankings, and it’s also a car we love due to its performance and versatility. The engine options range from a turbocharged four cylinder to a twin-turbo V6 for powering up mountain roads, and the remote start option means you’ll never have to suffer through winter morning warm-ups. Available in RWD or AWD configurations, the CTS offers luxury, performance and safety for almost any northern Colorado driver.

Ford Mustang

Ford MustangThe Mustang’s agility is unrivaled among its peers making it excellent for paved Colorado mountain roads. For 50 years it has been a pervasive performance car with a persuasive starting price. For great values in late-model Mustangs, look for 2011 and 2012 models which offer a 305hp V-6 (412hp V-8 in the GT). While the Mustang comes only with rear-wheel-drive, standard traction and stability control help ensure safe passage though the occasional snow-packed road.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep WranglerIf you’re looking for a used car in Colorado that will take you a little further (read: off-road), there is one obvious choice. Jeep Wranglers have been tackling Colorado’s terrain since their introduction, and when it comes to back-roads and boulders, Jeep is the established leader. Wrangler is also loved due to its ability to handle the snow and ice. It will likely always get you where you need to go in summer, winter and anything in-between.

Mercedes C300 4MATIC

Mercedes C300If you’re looking for a sporty car to drive all four seasons and something a little more refined, the Mercedes Benz C300 all-wheel drive 4MATIC models deliver on all fronts. 2008 – 2014 models boast plenty of horsepower (typically around 230), enjoy gas milage in the upper 20s and are the definition of luxury and comfort. The state-of-the-art 4MATIC all-wheel drive system means you’ll have no trouble getting around in the Colorado snow.

BMW 3 Series xDrive

BMW 3 SeriesWe also like the BMW 3 series with xDrive. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system makes it one of the most capable cars Fort Collins drivers can operate with confidence all year long. And, if gas prices have you down, the recently available turbo diesel option boasts up to 43mpg hwy. BMW are legendary for their dry-road performance, and we recommend the 3 series ‘Sport Line’ model which has aggressive styling and impressive agility for the twists and turns of Colorado’s back country roads.

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