Three Reasons to Shop Local

Shopping for cars close to homeWhen looking for a used car, do you spend days scouring car dealers 50 miles in every direction? Is it always wise to dive across the state (or to another state) to find the best deal on a used car? What are the benefits of buying close to home? Generally, if you’re in Ft Collins or the surrounding area, we think it’s usually best to find an auto dealer in Northern Colorado for the following reasons:


Transportation Costs

It can be very expensive to transport a car, whether you’re driving it yourself or having it shipped. If you’re shying away from Fort Collins to try and find a better deal elsewhere, it’s worth considering the costs you’ll encounter getting it home. Not to mention the cost accrued by driving hundreds of miles just to test-drive the cars you’re interested in. Also consider the fact that many auto dealers in Colorado and elsewhere offer return policies that have mileage and/or time limits. If you use up your limit just getting the car home, you may not get a chance to properly evaluate it where it’ll be driven most.


Another great reason to find dealer close to home is maintenance. A good car dealer will stand behind the cars they sell. Should any problems arise, you don’t want to be hours, or a long tow ride, away from the dealer where you bought the car.


Finally, auto dealers in Ft. Collins know the northern Colorado auto sales market best. They can help you find the best car for your driving needs. Our cars go through a little more than the average vehicle given our unique weather, climate and terrain. Will the Colorado sun fade your Boxster’s convertible top? Will the suspension of a Lexus RX help you make it to your favorite Poudre Canyon campsite? How do you tell if your 4×4 system is in good working order? We know which cars make the best cars for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

Weston Auto Gallery can help you find the Fort Collins car you’re looking for. We specialize in affordable luxury and performance vehicles. Our pre-owned vehicles go through a rigorous inspection from mechanical to cosmetic; every detail of the car is inspected, repaired or replaced. When you buy a Weston Auto certified pre-owned car, you can rest assured that you have just received the best pre-owned car on the market. Visit our online showroom or call us today at (970) 377-3333 for the most up-to-date inventory.

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