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It has become common knowledge that cars lose value the moment they are driven off the lot. Yet, every single day, people run out to dealerships, sign on the line, and suffer an immediate loss in value. Oftentimes, the moment people drive off the lot, they are already in debt for more than the vehicle is worth, which is equally terrifying and saddening. It’s no wonder that many financial experts strongly recommend pre-owned vehicles as an alternative to the poor investment associated with new car ownership. Interestingly enough, this paradigm is amplified in the luxury car sector, with many luxury vehicle models reaching a depreciated level far more rapidly than other vehicle sales. While that may not seem totally surprising to you, the actual cost of new luxury vehicles may actually shock you.

dreamstime_xxl_40464520Crunching the Numbers

As stated before, nearly everyone knows that value is lost [...]

Finding a reputable, knowledgeable service center is important before even considering an exotic car purchase. Of course, many foreign vehicles have dealerships that can be trusted for service, the problem is that they know they are the most convenient option, and your bill will reflect that. If you service your Mercedes, BMW, or other foreign or exotic vehicle at a dealership outside of a maintenance warranty, then you can expect a hefty bill to follow even the most minor servicing. Anyone that has visited a licensed dealership for a high-end or foreign brand can attest to the exorbitant cost commonly associated with official service centers. But why is this the case, and what makes exotic car service so different from domestic vehicles?


Servicing a BMW or Mercedes in Europe is often a dramatically different experience, simply because the parts are far more abundant. Additionally, [...]

Welcome to the Weston Auto Gallery blog! We are proud to be Denver and all of Northern Colorado’s home for pre-owned cars, including performance and luxury vehicles from our dealership in sunny Fort Collins. Whether you’ve purchased one of our certified pre-owned vehicles in the past, or you are just discovering us today, we hope to share some useful information for local exotic car enthusiasts that we have gathered through years of experience in the field.

1234-1A Bit About Us

Before we dive into the meat of our blog, it is important to first share what makes us experts in the field of servicing and purchasing affordable luxury vehicles. We are a family owned dealership, and pride ourselves on our mission to create a pre-owned car dealership where things are done differently. This is why we stand behind all of our vehicles with a 72 [...]

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