Servicing Used Exotic Cars

Finding a reputable, knowledgeable service center is important before even considering an exotic car purchase. Of course, many foreign vehicles have dealerships that can be trusted for service, the problem is that they know they are the most convenient option, and your bill will reflect that. If you service your Mercedes, BMW, or other foreign or exotic vehicle at a dealership outside of a maintenance warranty, then you can expect a hefty bill to follow even the most minor servicing. Anyone that has visited a licensed dealership for a high-end or foreign brand can attest to the exorbitant cost commonly associated with official service centers. But why is this the case, and what makes exotic car service so different from domestic vehicles?


Servicing a BMW or Mercedes in Europe is often a dramatically different experience, simply because the parts are far more abundant. Additionally, these brands aren’t nearly as exotic as they are here, and their product lines offer far less luxury vehicles in comparison to the lines that we see here. Because of the abundance of parts and service centers familiar with European vehicles, the prices for service across the pond can be significantly lower. Transversely, the issue with American service centers lies in the fact that many of the vehicles they service are domestically made, allowing them to ignore the relatively small luxury and exotic car market almost altogether. This creates an environment in which official dealerships offer a rare service, for even routine and simple maintenance. For new vehicle purchases, this is often circumvented by parts and labor warranties that offset or eliminate initial maintenance costs, yet eventually those warranties expire, leaving current or future owners holding the bag with expensive repairs looming overhead.

Healthy Competition

The answer to exorbitant official dealership prices is to receive BMW, Mercedes, or other exotic car services at service centers that compete with these places. In Fort Collins, that means visiting the West Auto Gallery, where our expertise ranges far beyond a single type of exotic or foreign vehicle type, yet offers affordable parts and labor as an alternative to costly official dealerships. As Northern Colorado’s trusted source for pre-owned luxury cars, we proudly provide local residents with an expert service center they can count on. Set up your own service appointment online, give us a call, or visit us at our convenient Fort Collins pre-owned car dealership today.

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