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Like a lot of parents, you may think that the best cars for teenagers are no cars at all. But, if you can’t keep your teenager out from behind the wheel, you’re probably looking for help finding the safest car for your teen. Car insurance for teenagers can cost a small fortune, but choosing the right car may also help lower the cost of insurance. Here, you’ll find our choices for the best cars for teenagers.

Honda Civic

It’s hard to go wrong with a Honda Civic. Honda has been refining the Civic since 1973 and there’s a reason why you still see teenagers driving Honda Civics from that era today: they’re safe and reliable. They’re one of the best selling cars for teenagers, and since 1996 have received at least 4 out of 5 stars on frontal driver safety. Since 2001, Civics have a nearly perfect 5 star rating, making them one of the [...]

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