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Did you know that along Colorado’s Front Range there are only three months out of the year that don’t average at least one inch of snow? Choosing a used car in Colorado can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something that you can drive to and from work, in changing weather, all year long. Here are our top picks for Colorado cars that won’t leave your wheels spinning when the storm moves in:


BMW X5The BMW X5 SUV is a popular choice among Colorado drivers due to its sporty exterior and world-class AWD system (xDrive) that keeps things steady in the snow. The X5 is a stylish and versatile daily driver that can handle anything around town, or in the back country, no matter the weather. Check out this Denver Post ‘Sunday Drive’ column for more [...]

While Colorado drivers want a car that can get them safely around in the ice and snow, most also want to enjoy everything that Colorado summers have to offer. As much as we play hard during the winter, we also like to have fun in the sun, so here are five of Colorado’s top used cars that we recommend for summer excitement.


Jeep Wrangler

Jeep WranglerNothing says ‘off-road’ like a Jeep. The Wrangler sells well in Colorado due to its versatility and ruggedness. Sure it’s great in the snow, but it will also take you anywhere you want to go in the summer. We like the 2012 & 2013 models over the previous few years’ models due to some minor upgrades and improvements. When it comes to Colorado used cars you can get off the pavement with, there’s [...]

Whether you’re looking for the safest SUV to haul your family across town, or one to haul your gear to the backcountry, there’s no reason not to do it in comfort and style. Some of the best luxury SUVs available are also some of the safest… But which do we like best?

Below are our top five luxury SUVs for the used market. Each will ensure that whatever Mother Nature (or your kids) throws at you… you’ll handle it with class.

Acura MDX

Acura MDXThe Acura MDX has it all. It’s consistently one of the top choices for a luxury SUV due to the fact that it comes with a high level of standard equipment, is a Top Safety Pick award winner and is a perfect combination of practicality and class. Many second generation models come with a [...]

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